By: Darshell McAlpine

In the very middle of the ballroom rested a raised platform that resembled an auction block. On that platform, which included an American flag, stood three African-American men chained and roped together, dressed in burlap loin cloths, behind an actual for sale sign that read “Valuable Gang of Young Negroes”.

Artist Reception for M. Kelly Olsen
Saturday August 5 from 6P until 8P
The show runs through Sunday August 27th  -
Thirty years living and working in more than a dozen foreign countries, has provided ample opportunity to experience and appreciate Art. From Southwest Asia to the Far-East, and Europe, being exposed to such diverse cultures provided unparalleled insight into that magical place we call, The Creative Process.MORE

The Journey to Freedom: Metanoia
By Cristina Urquieta

Freedom, something everyone claims they want, but this is not something everyone actually works towards every day. What is freedom? Where is freedom? How can we even begin to take steps towards something that we have never experienced ourselves?

Lawndale BIG Show 2017 >> Splendora Gardens Flower Show April 2017 >>

Saucy Jacks and the Space Vixens: A Ripping Good Time Marred by Technical ProblemsA Review By H. G. Welch

Equal parts sex comedy, cabaret, murder mystery and disco, Saucy Jack is SRO Production's latest musical at the Obsidian Theatre. Resembling the love child of the Rocky Horror Show and David Bowie's Space Odyssey, and featuring a cast festooned in leather, latex, glitter and even a bubble wrap trench coat, the show is a sensual explosion of sights and sounds.

Locally Grown in Texas:
Why I Care About Farmer's Markets

When we think about the good life, art and food rank pretty high in importance. The food industry consistently engages in deceptive marketing that confuses consumers. One way this is done is by throwing around terms that have no meaning under federal guidelines, such as dressing up chips as being "natural." While some carry more validity than others, all these trendy marketing terms associated with our food (Organic, natural, cage-free, etc.) can be overwhelming.

Playhouse 1960 Turns the Bard Into Cliff Notes with The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged (The Ladies) One of the most common treatments of phobias is immersion therapy, where you are forced to face your darkest fears. If your greatest fear is Shakespeare, then The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged (The Ladies) presented by Playhouse 1960 will certainly get you over your phobia. The play every single one of Shakespeare's plays in the space of an hour and a half, in sketch format. It is bawdy, anarchistic and very much audience participation. The audience part is its greatest strength, and it's greatest weakness.

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