Houston Via Colori® Street Painting Festival, a fundraiser for The Center For Hearing and Speech, will liven up the streets of downtown Houston for its 11th year November 19th-20th.

Via Colori is one of Houston’s signature art festivals, attracting more than 30,000 annual visitors. More than 250 local and international artists create mind-blowing murals on the streets of Houston over the two-day event. Via Colori also features three stages of live music, a Family Zone with kids’ chalk games and food and beverage vendors.

Texas Contemporary Art Fair
See the Highlights in Red Pub Photo Gallery

Texas Contemporary, Houston's premier modern and contemporary art fair, returns to the George R. Brown Convention Center this September 29th - October 2nd. Texas Contemporary’s highly anticipated sixth edition will solidify the fair as an international influencer within the art world, highlighting the tradition of creativity and artistic patronage that is essential to and synonymous with the city of Houston.
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Thirty eight bands are set to take up four stages. Festival attendees will hardly ever step foot on concrete. Between the four stages we have mixed local talent with touring bands and the last two stages are strictly local level bands from Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton.

The stage two headliner is Ruby the Hatchet who is coming in from Philadelphia. Just before them we have Austin’s Christian Bland & the Revelators which is a side project of the Black Angels Guitarist Christian Bland.

Texas Contemporary Art Fair Highlights Photo Gallery >> 'Mother Ship' @Houston Open Air Gallery >>
'September Mourning' @Houston Open Air Gallery >>  

Freud's Last Session
A Stageworks Theater Production

Review By Darby Bedar

Sean K. Thompson and Jonathan Moonen grace us with an accurate portrayal of what could have been the relationship between Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis. Set on September 3rd 1939 in Freud’s last days, only weeks before his death, C.S Lewis (Jonathan Moonen) joins him in his North West London study during the onset of World War 2.
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Electoral Reform Aren't We Overdue?

Butterfly Ballots, Voter Purges, Hanging Chads, Supreme Court intervention and other questionable activities and whimsical terms dominated the news after the 2000 presidential election. In the aftermath, election officials promised to reform the balloting system in progressively challenged areas such as Florida. But as welcome as such changes are, I fear they fall short of addressing a more important issue: The larger problem of the election was the failure to properly handle the presence of a third party. Here is the skinny on Approval Voting, Instant Runnoff Voting and the Electoral College.

Multi-Platinum Bombshell Garbage Tells Houston Thank You

The undeniable theme running through last night's concert in Houston's Revention Center was "Thank you."Barely a year after celebrating the twentieth anniversary of their debut album's huge success - a multi-platinum bombshell - this Wisconsin based alternative rock band gave a spine tingling, no holds barred performance! MORE

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