Coneman Running Gives You Plenty to Ponder During Senior Moments

Groove And Vibe - Free Concert Given by Creators of 'For The Community Art & Culture Fest' March 16 & 17

A new creation by Visionary Noise Record & Publishing. In the fashion of their fourteen times 'For The Community Fest' this inaugural show will be FREE of charge. Going by their history for planning a great show, we expect more to come. Will they be able to keep it free, only time will tell. for more information

India's Kumb Mela

In participation with Houston Photo Fest 2018 Please join us for a very special reception with National Grographic Creative Photographer, Greg Davis.


Joseph Cohen's 'Looking at a Flower'
@ G Spot Gallery, through Dec 31
Houston's Lost History:
The Downtown Flood of 1935

People tend to forget we live in a swamp. Houston wasn't considered very habitable until the invention of air conditioning. We used to lead the nation in cases of yellow fever and cholera, and we had frequent cases of malaria well into the 50's. The large number of bayous has been a constant source of flooding, the Flood Control District starting converting the bayous in the 1950's from muddy rivers to the managed culverts you see today.

What did the Black Angels bring to Houston?

Psychedelic experimental music is therapeutic. Psychedelic music provides a means by which to alter our perceptions, and altering perceptions, is very close to and may lead to questioning presuppositions. The Black Angels create a sound that draws you in, takes you places you may not expect to go, and couples this with lyrics that question presuppositions about war, relationships, currency and other subjects.

Shopping Small, Shopping Local at Pop Up Houston

Long vintage dresses and anything that blings, these are a few of my favorite things!

Pop Up Houston held it’s 6th Annual Holiday Festival at Greenstreet in Downtown Houston. The shopping festival showcased dozens of local small businesses including clothes, handmade apothecary products, handbags from around the world, handmade jewelry, even handcrafted perfumes along with a variety of online vintage boutiques.

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