Comedy of Errors
By Boiling Point Players

Boiling Point Players continues to entertain with new twists on old classics with their production of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors. While keeping to the Bard's prose and rhyme, the play is seemingly set in the 90's with all the fashion sense that entails. As is the norm for their Shakespearean performances, the Boiling Point Players have an all female cast with heavy amounts of pasted on mustaches and grease paint beards. The result is a solid comedic performance, easy to watch even for those that don't understand Shakespeare.

Set in city of Ephesus, the play concerns two sets of identical twins separated at birth, each with the same name as his brother. One twin from each set grows up in a different city, and when both sets happen to be in the same city is where conflict and confusion ensue. Antipholus is played by Ruth McCleskey and Mary Zuzik Andrechick. Dromio is played by Autumn Clack and Rachel Rubin. Helen Rios plays Adriana, the local Antipholus' wife, and Jacquelyn Johnson plays Adriana's sister Luciana. It was a little difficult telling the twins apart, as they were dressed identically except for the shoes and made to look identical. All of the major players act their parts with gusto, with rapid fire banter and no small degree of slapstick. The play succeeds on keeping the audience confused, and the actresses know this.

The rest of the cast fill traditional Shakespearean roles. Katherine Rinaldi and Jada August serve as the opening expository characters. Adriana Dominguez plays the sultry Cortezan as one of the people mistakenly wronged by the twins, Stephanie Kelso plays the much put upon goldsmith and human punching bag Angelo, Kacie Adams does a humorous turn as the exorcist Pinch and a merchant with a beef, Caprice Carter and Mary Masquelette also appear in numerous roles.

The play doesn't take itself seriously, even for a Shakespearean comedy. Christine Weems makes sure to place the play out of time with the fashion and inter-scene music choices. She does show her work with her sadistic love of making actresses run in high heels, as well as color coordinating the set and the costumes. And as all Boiling Point Shakespeare performances go, there is a dance off that evolves into a dance party with the entire cast.

Boiling Point Players presentation of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors is showing at Studio 101 til the 25th at 8pm. Arrive early as parking is an issue. Tickets are $20 at the door, available for a discount online.

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