Don’t miss this talented creative team in the rock spectacle DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED as they bring to life this world premiere at Obsidian Theater. Performance dates are October 20, 21 and 22 @ 8:00pm. Obsidian Theater is located at 3522 White Oak in the heart of the Heights and the White Oak dining and entertainment district.


A psychedelic rock journey featuring music of the Moody Blues


Standing Room Only Productions challenges it audience with its work in progress presentation of Days of Future Passed, a rock musical scored solely with the music of the Moody Blues. Featuring a cast of four, and a minimal set, the one act play takes you through a single day in the lives of four friends as they go on a drug induced haze of love and relationships. While the narrative at times seems forced, and the play is rough around the edges, the director and cast challenge the audience to tell them how to improve, as they try to hammer out the flaws.

The four characters are represented by two unnamed couples, Blair Carrizales and Seth Cunningham comprise one and John Forgy and Chaney Moore the other. They start off their day singing about the uncertain future, and after a chance meeting engage in a drug and sex filled day of soul searching. The characters themselves take a backseat to the music, as the lyrics comprise all of the dialogue. Some of the songs seem forced to fit the story, and others are truncated for clarity.

The music is the star of the production, a tribute to one of the most influential bands of the late 60's. Unlike SRO's usually highly energetic dance numbers, Days of Future Passed tones down the footwork to match the mellowness of the Moody Blues. While Carrizales does get rather twirly during Gypsy, many of the of the songs are sung from a tranquil position by most of the cast. Cunningham provides most of the spoken word numbers, including the ending diatribe to Knight in White Satin. Forgy and Moore performed multiple duets together, including the intentionally soul crushing Tuesday Afternoon. All four take a turn for the song Question, each performing it in their unique way and changing the meaning of the song with their different take.

Director Chris Patton after the performance came out and challenged the audience to make the show better. The play was put together with just a handful of rehearsals, though the cast coalesced without a single flub aside from some uncooperative microphones. The only major problem was the sound level of the band at first drowned out much of the lyrics, though that was quickly fixed after just a few songs. The play is meant to be organic, as the cast and crew polled the audience to find new ways to improve it, with the full intention of implementing changes immediately. It felt less like a formal show and more like an audition for a grander production and the audience was the producer.

Days of Future Passed is at the Obsidian Theater, 3522 White Oak Drive in Houston. The play runs through the 22nd for tickets or at the box office.
Arrive early as parking was an issue.

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