All proceeds go to help out the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. 

By this time you're sick and tired of Harvey.  It's devastated the city, it's trapped a good number of your fellow Houstonians.  It's the only thing on the news, tens of thousands of us are still trapped in shelters or stranded on impromptu islands.  So if you can, come out and see a play instead.  There is one performance left of Fragments at the Beacon Theatre.  All proceeds go to help out the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.  It doesn't hurt that the play is actually pretty funny, and if you're not much of a theatre goer it's also a bit short.  The theatre is taking donations for hurricane victims so it's for a good cause.

If you would like to know what the play's about, it's a bit of a sex comedy about six people and three relations.  Each relationship is its own subplot, and they take up the entire gamut of relations.  There's a mismatched romance, a doomed romance because of circumstance and two people wanting different things in a third.  The play takes turns at each relationship, showcasing each couple in turn.  There are good guys, bad guys, and sometimes the lines aren't clear, but everything wraps up nicely at the end.

The cast is rock solid, with no weak performances.  Kacie Adams is Cassandra who is there for just one thing.  You will want to hiss at her when the play is over.  Please don't, she's actually a very nice person in real life.  Zachary Braver is George, Cassandra's sad sack boy toy and the punching bag of the show.  Andraes Hunt plays the roommates' friend Ryan who is trapped in a dying relationship and hides out from his shrewish fiance.  Katherine Rinaldi is Paige, an up and coming reporter who is torn between job and romance.  Adam Robertson is Sam, second roommate and is Paige's romantic pairing who is also trying to salvage his relationship while their jobs are tearing them apart.  Whitney Zangarine is Elizabeth, the last roommate who serves as the catalyst for much of the plot as in the space of a single night all three romances are ended, some better than others.

Michael Weems is the playwright behind Fragments, he keeps the play short and the characters relatable.  Ruth McCleskey directs a compact yet eventful performance, wraps up all the subplots satisfactorily and makes it look sexy at the same time.  The play doesn't have any wasted time, there are some jump cuts to avoid the sex scenes, and the scenes focus on characters when they are relevant by having the other characters go mute at the right time.  It can be a bit distracting as the audience ignores the main action to watch the strip poker match.

There is one performance of Fragments tonight at 8:00.  As this is a charity event, pay what you can and everything goes to help those affected by Harvey.  The play has some mature tones, so it's not for kids.  But if you are going stir crazy, want to go Harvey free for a night or just want to laugh, head down to the Beacon Theatre at 5102 Navigation. 

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