'Sapphire Brew' Alan Disparte Painting
Alan Disparte Encaustic

Artist Reception to celebrate the opening of the show
Saturday May 6 6P until 9P

Hindsight bias is the belief that an event could have been predicted after it has already occurred, creating a narrative supporting what we believe could have been foreseen.

Alan Disparte is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Austin, Texas. Through a filter of gestural and psychedelic abstraction, Disparte's practice offers a hyperbolic mix of references to memory, technology, body aesthetics, nature, culture, gender, and time distortion. Disparte received his MFA in Painting and Video from San Francisco Art Institute in 2007. He has a BFA in Applied Arts from California Polytechnic University. Disparte has exhibited in Austin, Portland, San Francisco, La Jolla, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Phoenix and London.

Through the process of melted wax (Encaustic Ink Transfer), Disparte explores and challenges ideas about beauty by shifting the markers of facial and body aesthetics. The fragility of the Encaustic medium reflects the same tenuous relationships between physical appearance, ego, symmetry and complex belief systems based on historic and modern standards of beauty.

The framework for many of Disparte’s pieces invokes inquiry into the creation and compression of time. Our conditioned relationship to the traditional human construct of time becomes suspended. Unexpected combinations of color and structural motifs interact with Disparte’s own reminiscences. They navigate between what he recalls having once existed, and what is now lost in the fog of mass-produced, mass-manipulated “truth.” Organic shapes and symmetry found in both nature and our human anatomy create weightless ambiguity, where familiar forms are seen in unfamiliar ways.

In the Houston Heights

G Spot Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a solo exhibition of new paintings by Austin artist Bill Hailey.The exhibition will feature selections from Mr. Hailey’s Sumatra Paintings, an ongoing series of overripe jungle fantasies inspired by his experiences in Sumatra, Java, and Bali.

Gspot Contemporary Art Space

310 East 9th Street, 77007  

February 4, 2017

6pm - 9pm

Facebook Event Link>>

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