David W. Reed Winner of the SOUPer!
Mobile Micro Tiny Homes For The Homeless
Rick Dee Performs 'FREEDOM'
Monika Barker Cabell Host and Organizer
SOUPer Houston Live Crowd Funding Kick-Off Event Was A Hit
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With the arrival of crowd-funding many bureaucratic hurdles for raising funds have been removed. For too long, raising capital in small businesses meant either being at the mercy of a bank underwriter or a lengthy process with affluent angel investors, involving lawyers and a lot of paperwork. Offline campaigning is playing an important part in the capital-raising revolution. Houston's own Monica Barker Cabell is tackling one of the biggest difficulties in crowd-funding - gathering the crowd.

Last evening I attended the first of what will soon be many SOUPer Houston events. A group of us gathered in the upper room of Capone's Houston Bar and Oven off 59 and Kirby. We each participated by dropping five bills in the fishbowl, received a slip of paper to vote, and a flyer with a short synopsis of each of the projects which were to be presented.

Those bills also bought a shared meal of pizza, and we had access to a full bar, at our own discretion and not included in the cost of participation. Monica was at the microphone and ran a very tidy and well timed event, both stimulating and entertaining. She opened the floor and created a warm and welcoming atmosphere which cultivated sharing amongst strangers. By strangers, I mean fellow Houstonians, who were looking to make friends. Monica took us all higher with her charm. I think everyone met everyone! Thank You Monica!

Afterwards four presenters each had 5 minutes to speak and then took 5 questions from the room. Before they presented, while we all settled and ate our meal, we were graced with a serenade by the lovely and talented Christina Urquieta of the local, Houston group Metanoia. Her beautiful voice and dexterity on the Hawaiian Ukelele were worth noting.

The presenter with the most votes would receive all the money collected earlier; enabling them to move forward with their big ideas. After the presenters, we were graced by a blues guitar and vocal performance by Rick Dee of Ganesha. He is nominated both for best Houston Guitarist, and best male vocalist in the Houston Press Music Awards happening next weekend. You can catch him and his band perform at the For The Community Ten Festival in the fall, November 21 and 22. For more information visionarynoise.com

These were the four well chosen presenters.  Apparently they were the top choices out of many applications. It was a tough decision for us in the end. Here are the descriptions of all, as I think all of them are candidates for my support, and maybe yours too. All of these folks had super positivity going for them. They are what I would call movers and shakers with conscience and a mind for community.

So if you are into that whole working together sort of thing, read on!

Meditation Cushions for the Montrose Center's Rainbow Sangha – Tierra Ortiz-Rodriguez
Contact: 713-800-0822

This project aims to promote Houston's health and wellness through mindful meditation. With the SOUPer funds we raise, we will be able to purchase meditation cushions for the Montrose Center, a 501c3 nonprofit organization providing LGBTQ and HIV positive communities. Mindfulness meditation is well-researched to have many benefits to physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Project Health and Consciousness – Janet Stuckey
Contact: 832-551-7929

This project aims to spread health to others in different ways. Food, literature, philosophy, and knowledge. My health food/vegetarian food truck would be the best start. With using local organic farmers and my own organic crop I would be able to supply healthy options to Houstonians. In the end my goal is to spread healthy awareness, making people see that life can be much more enjoyable if you take care of your vessel and mind.

Healing Animals Through Self Awareness – Kira Ellis
Contact: 832-696-2690 intuitivepetcare.com

This project aims for people to understand and learn why animals have come into their lives. Understanding the meaning behind their behaviors, personalities, and illnesses has the power to completely heal and shift everything back into balance. When people make the connection between what their animals are expressing and what they are suppressing it becomes a powerful healing tool that can be used in place of stressful training tactics and toxic medications.

Mobile Micro Tiny Homes For The Homeless - David W. Reed
Contact: d.w.reed2009@gmail.com

This project will be the start of a renegade mobile micro tiny homes for Houston's hundreds of homeless. Materials will be recycled for the most part but some components will need to be purchased. This will give people a place to sleep, store personal belongings and escape the weather.

David W. Reed and his Micro Tiny Homes For the Homeless won the pot which was more than $250. He is looking for more support in the form of funding, volunteers, and he will need it! And he seems like he'd be fun to work with also.

For More Information you can join the Facebook Public Group for Souper Houston Here>>
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