Ace Frehley New CD Space Invader

Paul Daniel Frehley was just a young man when he became the amazing character known as The Spaceman in the iconic band KISS. He brought a certain sound to KISS that they just don't get without him, influenced by such greats as Jimi Page, Jimi Hendrix, and Buddy Guy, Ace created a signature sound that has influenced such guitar players as Dime Bag Darrel and Kurt Cobain. His road has been rocky since he left KISS including a run in the eighties with his band FREHLEY'S COMET, whose last album was released in 1988.

It wasn't until 20 years later that Ace released another album by the name ANOMOLY(2008) and we had the chance to enjoy his magic again. At that time Ace had just started being sober, and it was some of his best work ever. I love that collection and was ready for more. Unfortunately for all of us fans, he made us wait...and wait. I thought he was gone forever. Then, six years later, out of nowhere, Ace brings SPACE INVADER! I was more than exited and totally forgot I had waited so long.

So I bought the CD, It had two signature picks in it that I could hear as I shook the case, I felt like a kid again. After the purchase I ran to the car and immediately put it in the player and sat back to hear my childhood hero do his thing.

Ace starts the CD with the Title track SPACE INVADER which is a juggernaut of rock n roll. In this song Ace lets us know the horrible state of things and how we will be saved by a celestial savior. Take it how you want, when I hear it I hear hope. The second track is GIMME A FEELING a straight driving rock song about a hot girl. Yeah Ace gets a little silly with his words, but he always sound sincere. You can tell that he has recently fallen in love.

The third track, I WANNA HOLD YOU, is my favorite on the album, it's another fun crazy about a girl song, very upbeat with a cool hook riff that sticks in your head for days. The guitar on it is everything ACE FREHLEY fans love. Pentatonic bliss. CHANGE is a song Ace wrote with his wife Rachel Gordon. It's a song full of inspiration for those that have gone down winding roads to tar pits of misery. A reminder that no matter where you are you must always look up. Ace tears it up on TOYS with the guitar, the words are not my favorite, but the song still rocks.

The entire tone of IMMORTAL PLEASURES(another Frehley/Gordon) is just so very comforting, through every change Ace keeps it smooth yet rocking and says things like “The tree of life, has many branches, we are all connected, blinded by love.” The next track is INSIDE THE VORTEX and Ace lets us know about traveling through dimensions and the reality of it all, in not so many words.

WHAT EVERY GIRL WANTS, I think the name speaks for itself, after all Ace was in KISS. The music in PAST THE MILKYWAY is complex in its movement and changes while keeping a good push on the beat. Ace always has groove and in this song he really changes it up.

Track 10 RECKLESS talks about being a youth searching for truth by being out of control. It's a very rocking song. Next Ace covers THE JOKER. Everyone knows that song. When I first heard Ace's version I didn't know what to think, but know that I've heard it enough times, its my favorite version. To close the album ace does his usual space instrumental this time not using Fractured in the name STARSHIP still has the Fractured sound to it. It takes you to space and back just right. As usual Ace delivers great acoustic and electric treasures in this song.

So after the long wait, I was nothing less than completely happy with the Spaceman. All of the guitar work on this album is top notch and what ive always loved. If you already love Ace this will rock your world. This album is probably my favorite of 2014, but then again i'm a die hard Ace fan. If you get it, you will be pleased for sure.

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