A Night of Rock N Roll Featured The Ex-Optimists, Only Beast, A Sundae Drive
and John Alton at Rudyards. A review.

Visionary Noise hosted a tremendous night of music featuring album releases and sets from A Sundae Drive and The Ex-Optimists, joined by Only Beast and John Alton of Cosmic Bug Loaf!

Opening John Alton of Cosmic Bug Loaf. Jef from Houston Press describes John's music and voice as, “strange and intense guitar work feels like two different people alternately berating and coming on to you at the same time. Then there's that voice...it comes out of the speakers like Pennywise came out of the sewers in IT.” It was a treat to hear John share an intimate solo performance.

A Sundae Drive is a band that Space City Rock claims, “don’t need to bash you over the head with how good they are; they’d much rather stand in the corner, plug in, and play until your brain catches up to what your ears already know.” Destined to delight, A Sundae Drive is something that many wish to experience and again so don't forget to get a copy of their new release to take home.

Only Beast rocked the night! Jef with One F of the Houston Press tells us that, “John Salinas and guitarist Peter Bernick spent several years working together in various instrumental bands before deciding to try working with a vocalist. Who they got was Danielle Renee, a waify ball of fire with a huge voice able to match Bernick's Cure-ish guitar wail and the progressive thunder of Salinas's drums.” Only Beast has a great sound and are true professionals. This makes them a credit to Houston rock and any lineup they are on.

Headlining the evening, The Ex-Optimists are the #1 Noise Pop band out of College Station. Marcel Feldmar of The Big Takeover describes the band well as, “flashback-filled indie rock and future hits of noise pop”.  Theirs is a wide range of original sound mixed with the comfort of indie rock.

I was recently given an LP of theirs, and not only is the album art unique, but the music is catchy and calls you back again and again. Whether this is your first time to hear these bands or your fifty-first its going to be a sweet night of good vibes and high quality indie rock that will be remembered.


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