Romeo and Juliet
Directed By Scott Carr

Texas Repertory Theatre Running Through Feb 21.
Tickets are $38 at the door, reservations are preferred.

The classic tale of Romeo and Juliet, the famous telling of the doomed lovers, the family violence tearing apart of a city and some of the worst timing ever written are all on display at the Texas Repertory Theater for all to see. It is what you would expect from a professionally produced piece, from stage fights to ribald humor. It's the Bard in all his glory.

The play opens with a reminder the performance is set in 1912 Verona, though only the costumes and a single set piece are evident of that. From there it gets right to business. The first half is comedic, with Mercucio being especially over the top in his antics and the Nurse hamming it up equally on the Capulet side. Trance Pool as Romeo goes from distraught to manic at the drop of a hat, while Susannah Morgan Eig is radiant as the doomed Juliet. The choreography is done well enough, with the Romeo versus Paris fight a tad bit on the brutal side, even if bloodless.

This is an excellent play for both lovers of classic theater as well as people being introduced to Shakespeare as well. It neatly wraps up the romance, comedy and tragedy of Romeo and Juliet and ties it up with the moral story at the end. The play does not lag or become maudlin, director Scott Carr does not linger on any scene too long. It is a reminder why the play has remained a classic over the centuries.

Romeo and Juliet directed by Scott Carr at the Texas Repertory Theatre opens today and runs through February 21. Tickets are $38 at the door, reservations preferred however.

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