Speakeasy - A New Musical
Speakeasy will be at the Obsidian Theatre from April 1 to the 16th.

The Roaring 20's is one of the most romanticized eras of our nation's history. Flappers, Model T's, gangsters, and a general sense of frivolity spring to mind when people are asked to reminisce about the days before the Great Depression. But it was not all fun and games, our nation decided to go dry for several years, causing general defiance among the populace.

Soon the nation was introduced to bootleggers, rum runners and the one place that brought them all together, the Speakeasy. It is this venue that Standing Room Only Productions has created as its new musical performance.

Set during the heyday of Al Capone and Elliot Ness, Speakeasy takes place over the span of a single night in Prohibition Era Chicago. Starting just before the Stock Market takes its historic dive, Speakeasy is a rollicking throwback to days of swing music and the Charleston.

Featuring a cast of nine talented singers and actors, with a immersive stage that actually brings the audience into the performance much like the musical Chicago, Speakeasy has been created to let people slip into the zeitgeist of era.

Director Liz Tinder said she wants the audience to feel like they are actually there, so gone are the riser seating normal to the playhouse, instead the audience sits at the tables and chairs you would expect in a back alley gin joint.

Attendees are encouraged to attend in costume, so expect zoot suits and bob cuts to be seen in gallery. There will be subplots, intrigue, danger, and lots of singing and dancing. For those that grew up on tales of the legendary Balinese Room in Galveston or have a love affair with the Great Gatsby, Speakeasy is here to bring that time back to Houston.

Speak Easy will be at the Obsidian Theatre from April 1 to the 16th.

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