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Visionary Noise You MAY Party!
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This party or what I will call, mini-fest, was another multigenre event which is clearly a specialty of Micah Jackson founder of Visionary Noise Records and Publishing. Multi-genre events are not easy to put together. Even the bartender of Dan's was inspired to take the mic toward the end of the night to shout about how he was so impressed with how smooth all 15 totally different bands moved through that place throughout the day, and how everyone had a super good time.

So it's easy to say, it was a great evening/night last Saturday. I had a great time exploring all of the music, vendors, artists, and more. After 20 years going to shows in Houston, I have a renewed perspective of Dan Electro's Guitar Bar in the Heights. So that in itself speaks volumes.

Dark Spark Rays took the stage, and left no room for anything else. This seven piece band is so good. They are well onto developing their own unique sound. Clearly this is a mature act who have masked all of the influences into a cohesive blend. The dynamic duo James Lino-Vocal/Rythm and Gabriella Campos-Backing Vocal/Synth make a sweet sound together. You'll be struck by how good they are. I have a feeling they have a load of material to share between them. For these guys, it's all about the music. They look good, they smell good, they don't jump around. I can see their sweet boy/girl act appealing to suburban masses, while they are just too good to be ignored by more serious music lovers. Go out and see these giys if you can.

Metanoia is a high energy band complete with a horn section and they bring the party! Cristina Uruquieta is the leader of this party, opening and closing it with her her electric violin. I am not sure what to classify this groups music as, except fun. Everyone gets up and dances around, couples are hugging each other, I am not sure what happened but it happened, and it felt good after all was said and done!

Performances by When We Were Thieves, Forever Today, Buddha Deerhead, and Mind Shrine are also worth mentioning.

Jeffer Thomason was an interesting twist on the singer songwriter sound. His voice is not what anyone was expecting to hear. It was Canned Heat's high pitch vocal style and the slow sensuality of Radiohead with Jeffer's own original dark quirky poetry. He was interesting, I'm looking forward to hearing more from him.

One man acts went on throughout the show while the big bands loaded up, such as JVS REEL, Vincent Fink, Jeremy Smith, Shrey Day aka Press Play and a duet called Gypsy Rose which was a country act, with a beautiful redhead singer, and a man playing the banjo that was interesting and reminded us all that yes, we are in Texas, yall.

Markell Gibson Band is Markell on guitar and Richard on stand up bass. Their complimentary styles are making magic across coffee shops and such in Houston lately. I have run into their act a few times now so I can say it's always a pleasant suprise when I do. Markell is known for his heartfelt messages and storyesque lyrics which give the listener just enough of a glimpse of relational situations to remind you how real it all is, and always leave you with the taste of greatfulness on your palate. 

As Dusk Falls finished us off with one hell of a performance. They have energy drive and drama. Their songs are fantasy songs about ships and war, and lead singer Jack Siren's gutteral earthy voice was powerful. It would be wrong to call these guys metal, or rock or noise or hard, but they were all of these things with harmony, melody, and skill. All the guys are highly skilled, even the drum solo, albeit short was appropriate, and interesting. Again with this band, there is a special magic between lead guitar Chad Gibbs, and singer Siren, that can't be fucked with. They were worth sticking around to the end for!

Vendors included, Royal Tart, Organic Gardens For All, Dormalou Project,
Whimsical Nightmares, Asterozoa Art Studios, Hafer Case, JWS Custom Instruments, and the very cool Paradise Smoke Shop off Yale and 12th one of my favorites.

This was all produced of course by the Visionary Noise Record Label, and news is that there will also be a July party of the same fashion with all new acts and vendors at Dan's Electro's. I hope I didn't leave anyone out!

Visionary Noise is an independent record label located in Houston Texas. We operate with a unique and revolutionary business model, serving a progressive solution to dynamic musicians. We work in partnership with some of the best talent Texas and the Third Coast have to offer. We recognize the importance of showcasing indie acts which represent the diverse pool of talent out there today.

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