Houston's Creative Generation

By: Brian Albiter

Houston, Texas is the largest city in the state of Texas and the fourth largest city in the United States.

With Houston being a huge melting pot it comes to no surprise that for the past four years many of Houston's artist have been coming together and making incredible projects.

I sat down with Oscar Cabrera, one of Houston's artist to talk "Houston's Creative Generation", most recent project and what's next for him. During my conversation with Oscar, I learned about the inspiration behind his most recent fashion/music video shoot and got to preview some of his best work yet. Oscar says, "My art communicates that fashion is music. Everything is done with a rhythm. I want people to see that I style music. That I wear music."

With 21 year old artist was born and raised in what he names, "the best city in the world", Houston, Texas.

Oscar, found joy through music and in more depth, dancing. But soon, fashion became a new expression of art that he incorporated with music.

But what does music, art, fashion or even dancing have in common? Well according to Oscar it is the nucleus of art he says, "everything I do that involves creating whether it is a dance or an outfit or music playing it all comes together it is art at its finest."

But balancing a career and pursuing a love for art is a very challenging thing and one has to earn income whether that is through a regular job or a career. While this occurs most artist begin losing their burning passion for their art as well as their creativity.

However, Oscar maintains his focus by keeping up to date with dances, new music from both mainstream and up-and-coming artist as well as fashion designers.

When asked about fashion he says, "the perfect collision is between two forms of art, one being music and the other being clothes." This may sound like a lot but it flows smooth with Oscar’s way of thinking.

Despite Oscars love for the art of fashion he finds himself and his style of clothing most popular today due to the fact that it is not necessarily a runway look that he tries to achieve but a perfect mixture of urban and "rocker."

With fashion evolving in a blink of an eye due to designers, street style and Instagram Oscar, believes that his style can be a red carpet look, and indeed it can be.

As many of us have seen the classic suit for a man worn in a red carpet event has changed over the recent years to distressed jeans, vintage rock T-shirt, and leather or denim jackets to cowboy or Chelsea boots. Oscar describes this as, “magnificent”.

Oscar’s most recent project was a fashion/music video which unified a broad spectrum of artist such as photographers, videographers, male and female models as well as actors. Oscar believes that artist should put their ego aside and start working on projects together as a city. Oscar says, "Houston is the fourth largest city in the U.S and this is a very artistic city, so why limit creativity."

And he is not wrong. Many artist who are located in cities across the United States such as Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco come together and help one other deliver incredible art whether that is through photography, fashion, videography, creating music or dancing so why is Houston not up to date with today's creative geniuses ?

In fact it is up to date with this eras creatives, it's just a matter of coming together Oscar says, "Houston does have the potential to compete with the bigger cities. We just need to put the ego aside and create projects while using Instagram as a museum to express our art."

Oscar didn't act on this project alone he had every artist give his and her input on the project. Oscar says, "The purpose of bringing together artist is like painting, you have a plain canvas and each artist is a brush, they all possess creative qualities and ultimately that will translate into a masterpiece."

Oscar is constantly creating and that won't stop anytime soon as he is involved in up and coming fashion events, art shows and following as well as collaborating with the talent around the Houston area.

You can keep up with Oscar on Instagram (@oscabrera_)

And make sure to view the recent fashion/art masterpiece.

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