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KPFT Houston's Only Locally Supported Radio Station

Music is one of the few things nearly everyone enjoys without reservation. Music gives people an outlet to express their creativity and share their passion. Here in Houston, we have an incredibly diverse and vital art and music scene. KPFT, our locally supported radio station is the voice of that scene! Supporting local radio is a way to take control of what you want to see more of. Feed the fire, by being a part of it all.

They might seem like rock stars when they are on stage, but the reality is musicians are people too. Just like you and I they would like to make it big someday, but the majority of the musicians of the world are working at it just as you or I work at our own craft. When you purchase a t-shirt or album, you help the pursuit of a musical passion. You are giving artists an opportunity to hone their craft, and benefits the local community as a whole by producing better entertainment.

Consider the fact that local shows are also cheaper than those big privately funded corporate cattle calls. Just like buying a painting or a piece of jewelry made by a local artist, you are giving back to and feeding the local economy, rather than sending the money to someone's Swiss bank account.

Local radio stations are powerhouses of cultural and musical diversity! When a city like Houston has a supportive musical environment, music has a chance to grow and expand. This is good for us all! Communication is the sign of a healthy relationship, and public and local radio is the root of it all. The locally supported radio station near you is the communication element that keeps the community healthy. It's always a great investment to give a little when you can to keep the broadcast going. Take pride in your home town, or city.

When we purchase and wear local merchandise, we are showing pride in our home town and our place within our community. Buying local band t-shirts, and giving a love gift of $10 or $20 to the radio station, in our case KPFT, is always a positive! It's good for you, it's good for me, it's good for art, and helps the local economy.

Musicians are a healthy part of local economies. When we support them, we are raising the energy level of a countless number of business people, workers, entertainers, local restaurants, bars and venues, printing professionals, record labels, stores, recording studios, visual artists, and more. And hey, if that band ever became “big”, you can say, “I was there.”

Every band starts out small, and local shows are more personal. Wouldn't you rather be within ten feet of your favorite local musical act, than half a mile away from them at a stadium? People who go out, and support local radio are the life’s blood of a thriving cultural scene. You can show up on the art scene in town, and let loose, and have a good time, see a local movie, buy some art or a t-shirt. Support local radio, do it for the art, the musicians, the local businesses, and for the love of community.

Locally supported radio has only one thing on the agenda, building a strong culturally diverse community rooted in freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Local radio reaches people on a level that no big media company has been able to reach. Locally supported radio is a beacon for freedom of expression and holds the passion for a strong arts community.

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