FTC14 (For The Community)
FREE Music & Art Festival


For the Community Number Fourteen
Houston's Fastest Growing FREE Music and Art Festival
Nov 10-12, 2017

Two Headliners Two Days, Three Venues, 70+ acts, Free to the public

For The Community Festival was born out of a semi-revolutionary multi-cultural conglomeration of activists called the Houston Free Thinkers. Of course, many artists and musicians were in this group. Some great talent emerged and have released their work on the Visionary Noise label. However, Visionary Noise is more than just a record label. If you are a fan of live, independent music, here is your opportunity for an alternative introduction to the fun! Without skipping a beat Visionary Noise is able to host successful multi-genre shows! You might find hardcore, indie, and metal acts mixed with rap, pop, country, folk, electronic producers, and more. You can expect three venues, four stages, 75+ acts, art, food and a great time.

When The Rolling Stones wrote their classic track "Brown Sugar" it was originally titled "Black Pussy," but record-label politics got in the way: It was deemed too offensive and the powers at work refused to put it out. So the band had to change the name to something that was easier for the general public to swallow. At least that's how the legend goes. Dustin Hill, the creative mastermind and songwriter behind Black Pussy has brought this well toured group back to Houston from Portland with new songs in that 70s-influenced heavy blues style we all love in our bones. They'll be playing FTC14.

Houston has been blessed with a vibrant music scene for the past five decades, with rock bands, rappers, and hiphop performers being major contributors. The current crop of musicians produce a variety of sounds and concert experiences, giving local music enthusiasts options for a night out. The Bayou City is home to so many amazing night clubs and venues with a rich history of culture and a diversity. Within these walls, the atmospheres and music types vary widely, but deep down Houstonians share a love of great music and advancing up and coming talented artists. Visionary Noise taps into that love, expands upon it, and delivers it right back twice annually at For The Community, or FTC. 

Next day headliner, The Skull, features original Trouble member vocalist Eric Wagner alongside longtime former Trouble bassist Ron Holzner with guitarist Lothar Keller (Sacred Dawn), drummer Brian Dixon( Cathedral) and guitarist Rob Wrong (Witch Mountain)

“The Skull” is made up of a group of very talented members whose main goal is to bring back the unique sound of American Doom Metal band “Trouble” combined with new material which has all the quality and feel of the original sound, plus so much more.

The fest pairs the music with visual art, poetry, speakers, theater, great food, and multiple stages triangulated between several venues in the Houston City Center. The underlying activist roots are a binding theme, attracting the best talent of the Third Coast, throughout the U.S., and internationally.

When people think of Texas’s most musical city, Houston is often not the first one that comes to mind, however Houston has been growing its music scene in the shadows. It's indie urban sphere is one place in particular where Houston sparkles, and music fans are starting to take notice. Fans come in for the festival and this installment is attractive indeed.

FTC is always FREE, see you at the festival in the Spring and in the Fall!

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