Create something of your own for this special day and please tag your happening as PEACE & JOY DAY OCTOBER 1ST.


We all know, love and appreciate World Peace Day which is celebrated every September 21st.  International Day of Peace  On this day governments around the world set aside one day to ignore administrative differences, political ideologies, ongoing wars, conflicts and in some cases deep-seeded cultural traditions or religious beliefs are relaxed, all in the name of Peace. One day of Peace is how it starts and positive change is the result. It is this positive change we seek in hopes of creating a better world for all men, women, and children in all countries, villages, cities and towns. You may believe we can and should do more. I agree and so do others.

One way we all can do more is to make time for a PEACE & JOY DAY in our lives as often as possible. As a reminder of this, a dear friend has for the last 7 years invited friends, family, and all Houstonians to set aside time for anything they truly enjoy. October 1st is the day Shannon Zierau has chosen to ask everyone to participate in PEACE & JOY DAY in their own special way. The sky's the limit for your participation and you decide how you wish to enjoy your time.

Houston’s mayor Sylvester Turner has continued our previous mayor Annise Parker’s tradition of proclaiming October 1st as, PEACE & JOY DAY for all Houstonians and ALL people of the world. Both administrations believe all individuals can benefit by setting aside time for themselves. The simple act of doing so is on, even the best of days difficult and with recent  events at home and abroad such a luxury seems out of reach to many.

During times such as these it is imperative we find, make and take time for ourselves and loved ones. There are countless ways to find time to spread PEACE & JOY to those around us as well as ourselves. Anyone who knows me knows I’m the guy who shows up to the formal dinner wearing a clown nose. I find joy in such silly things because by helping others smile even for a moment I smile all day. I know I have made a slight difference in the well-being of myself and others by easing possible tensions. Try it for yourself by using this type of distraction with your family at home first thing in the morning. You will be presently surprised by how nice your day will be by knowing you made someone smile because of it. Soon your family will find ways to create a moment of joy they have concocted with you and others.

The next thing you know your spouse will be cooking your favorite meal or handing you flowers, your children will want to spend time at home and not be on the phone or playing video games and well, the entire world will be a much happier place to be because of you. Soon your friends will want to know the secret to your happiness and the fun of pure joy will kick into high gear as you and your family plan outings or larger gatherings with friends to distract from and correct the overwhelming stresses of everyday life. It doesn’t matter what you do, what matters is the reason for which you do it.

Creating moments of joy leads to a much more relaxed and peaceful state of mind. Clearing our minds of unnecessary clutter and negativity positively affects ourselves and those around us. You and yours are invited to participate in, PEACE & JOY DAY every OCTOBER 1st or any day you choose.

“Peace and Joy Always, in All Ways.” Shannon Zierau

This is how Shannon, her family, and friends will be celebrating this year. I know I will be stopping by for a good time.

Create something of your own for this special day and please tag your happening as PEACE & JOY DAY OCTOBER 1ST.

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