Stop in and see new works from Texas artist, Tod Bailey. Unafraid to challenge convention, he has volumes of fantastic work. Blue skies ahead for this contemporary. His show runs through Sunday June 25th at G Spot Gallery, located in the Heights. G Spot Contemporary Gallery is a contemporary space with a grassroots approach to cultural exchange.
We always have great conversations at G Spot Contemporary.


This past Saturday I hiked a little ways to downtown H Town to a little underground dive called Notsuoh. I don’t know why, maybe it was the cool poster art that got my attention. It was four bands on a Visionary Noise lineup, and an artist was supposed to be painting, so I thought, ok.


In the inaugural performance of the new Beacon Theatre, Cone Man Running opened up with Smattering X, a one night only charity performance dedicated to helping teachers offset the cost of school supplies. Playing to a packed house in a double feature performance, the Smattering raised $3,000 for several different local schools to help ease the financial burden teachers are faced with. The audience laughed, the teachers were helped and the Beacon Theatre didn't suffer any structural collapses, it was a good night for all. MORE

Hardy and Nance Street Show April 2017 >> Splendora Gardens Flower Show April 2017 >>
Look What Is Blooming in First Ward

We are well into spring and the flowers are beginning to bloom and display their vibrant colors, but there is one huge flower bed that has been blooming since fall of 2016 and continues to bloom in First Ward. This is not any ordinary bed of flowers. This bed of flowers lies on Houston Avenue between Edwards Street and Bingham Street, in front of the closed Brock Elementary School.

Locally Grown in Texas:
Why I Care About Farmer's Markets

When we think about the good life, art and food rank pretty high in importance. The food industry consistently engages in deceptive marketing that confuses consumers. One way this is done is by throwing around terms that have no meaning under federal guidelines, such as dressing up chips as being "natural." While some carry more validity than others, all these trendy marketing terms associated with our food (Organic, natural, cage-free, etc.) can be overwhelming.

Playhouse 1960 Turns the Bard Into Cliff Notes with The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged (The Ladies) One of the most common treatments of phobias is immersion therapy, where you are forced to face your darkest fears. If your greatest fear is Shakespeare, then The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged (The Ladies) presented by Playhouse 1960 will certainly get you over your phobia. The play every single one of Shakespeare's plays in the space of an hour and a half, in sketch format. It is bawdy, anarchistic and very much audience participation. The audience part is its greatest strength, and it's greatest weakness.

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