ALAN DISPARTE: HINDSIGHT BIAS Opening Reception Saturday May 6 6P until 9P

Hindsight bias is the belief that an event could have been predicted after it has already occurred, creating a narrative supporting what we believe could have been foreseen.

Benefitting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Prepare for a unique and interactive LIVE art event on Thursday, May 11, 2017 at Winter Street Studios, as some of Houston’s most esteemed artists put their talents to work at ARTcetera: The 7th Annual Event, benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The event invites patrons and guests behind the scenes to witness the creative process of a selection of local artists, as they paint throughout the evening.


Where's Julie is a Surreal Trip Down a Dark Path

Much of the play's humor is based on shock factor, in just how horrible these people can be.  Much of the time it amuses with quite a bit of accidental honesty, other times it presents the abuse with sobering realism.  The characters are parodies of themselves, they aren't presented as real people but character flaws with names.  The play is apologetically black comedy, the one time it drops the humor aspect it gets very dark, very quickly.

Alternative rock icons Helmet released their first album in six years DEAD TO THE WORLD. Here is front-man Page Hamilton talking with Micah Jackson of Visionary Noise about David BowieThe Beatles, living in Los Angeles, California, meditating while doing cocaine, the creative process, and this record which comes jam-packed with heavy guitar riffs, blasting percussion, and the distinctive voice of front-man Page Hamilton. The album is a perfectly executed mix of hard rock, alternative, metal and punk, and it shows the world again how versatile a rock album can be in 2016. Incredible footage of Local H at White Oak Music Hall


What if the way we live completely embraces who we are – the imperfect, improper, clumsy and beautiful mess. What if we stopped stressing about having a perfectly organized home and do what we can. What if we stop working till last minute and skipping meals because we enjoy taking care of our body. What if we stop hiding every freckle, wrinkle and spot on our face because beauty is impermanent and fleeting.

Locally Grown in Texas:
Why I Care About Farmer's Markets

When we think about the good life, art and food rank pretty high in importance. The food industry consistently engages in deceptive marketing that confuses consumers. One way this is done is by throwing around terms that have no meaning under federal guidelines, such as dressing up chips as being "natural." While some carry more validity than others, all these trendy marketing terms associated with our food (Organic, natural, cage-free, etc.) can be overwhelming.

Obsidian Theater creates a performance of Antony and Cleopatra Worthy of Rome

The tale of Marc Antony and Cleopatra has been called the greatest love story ever told.  It was with no small challenge that the Obsidian Theater tackled one of Shakespeare's most challenging plays.  Fortunately through the talent of an already veteran cast the production is a near masterpiece.  The audience is bombarded with the larger than life title characters, and the supporting cast shores up its dominating leads.

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