Two Headliners Three Days, Three Venues, Four Stages and it's FREE!

If you are a fan of live, independent music, here is your opportunity for an alternative introduction to the fun! Without skipping a beat Visionary Noise is able to host successful multi-genre shows! You might find hardcore, indie, and metal acts mixed with rap, pop, country, folk, electronic producers, and more. You can expect three venues, four stages, 75+ acts, art, food and a great time.


I don't think there's a way to fully understand the mass of what Lil Ugly Mane is doing.  I don’t think at this moment it's possible to see the full scope of what his impact on hip hop is, because quite frankly he's still an underground artist and he's purposely maintained that status by staying shy of the spotlight.

What did the Black Angels bring to Houston?

Psychedelic experimental music is therapeutic. Psychedelic music provides a means by which to alter our perceptions, and altering perceptions, is very close to and may lead to questioning presuppositions. The Black Angels create a sound that draws you in, takes you places you may not expect to go, and couples this with lyrics that question presuppositions about war, relationships, currency and other subjects.

  The Journey to Freedom: Metanoia
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September Mourning MANINKARI Cl’Che’ - Gifted Rapper with a Purpose
THE OPTIMYSTIC SHINES THEIR LIGHT Bizzy Thowed Panic! At The Disco @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

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