Perhaps you have not heard of Wonderbitch, a strong up and comer on the regional scene. Wonderbitch is a steady stream of attention grabbing pop that feels a little like early 80s pop meets 70s disco.  If you have heard of them it might have been at a festival, or through media as it seems like they are constantly topping polls in Austin. The steady rhythm and stark subject matter is humbling to the high spirited sound they make. They are spacey, funky and most definitely groovy.


This past Saturday I hiked a little ways to downtown H Town to a little underground dive called Notsuoh. I don’t know why, maybe it was the cool poster art that got my attention. It was four bands on a Visionary Noise lineup, and an artist was supposed to be painting, so I thought, ok.



Barely a year after celebrating the twentieth anniversary of their debut album's huge success - a multi-platinum bombshell - this Wisconsin based alternative rock band gave a spine tingling, no holds barred performance! Garbage is a great example of one set of musicians deciding that they want to take a little bit of grunge, a little bit of industrial, a little bit of trip-hop, and a little bit of pop, and then infusing it with all of the lyrical dissatisfaction and angst that every growing teenager needs.

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