The Journey to Freedom: Metanoia

By Cristina Urquieta

Freedom, something everyone claims they want, but this is not something everyone actually works towards every day. What is freedom? Where is freedom? How can we even begin to take steps towards something that we have never experienced ourselves?

Let me first begin by describing what I mean by “freedom”. According to the standard definition, freedom means that an individual has the right to speak and think as they desire without being hindered. It also means the absence of domination and control from another person or entity (i.e. government). To me, it means these things, but it also describes the freedom from things. The freedom from oppression, from enslavement, from masters. There are two types of freedom, positive and negative freedom. Positive freedom is freedom to certain things (education, food, housing) while negative freedom is the freedom from things (governments, masters).

While I agree that positive freedom is an ideal and I hope to see a world where everyone has everything they need, I do not believe that is all that freedom is. Freedom begins with being free from oppressors, which can include governments and even yourself.

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Metanoia describes a spiritual journey that each person goes on throughout their lifetime. As we grow we are continuously transforming and becoming something new, sometimes worse, but hopefully, we always strive for better. Metanoia as the band is a small example of that experience through music. Metanoia’s end goal is to spread freedom to the world via awareness, first and foremost, then education.

This band has been so special in my journey and I can see it has affected  people here in Houston.
We are grateful to have something powerful to share in our message and in our sound with the audience. We strive to incorporate awareness first. People must know what is going on, what type of systems we currently have in place and how that affects each and every one of us. If people are unaware of a problem they will not change it.


We currently live in the U.S.A., a country that spreads this idea of “freedom” and “democracy” supposedly all for the greater good of humanity. There are troops on every continent spreading “democracy” to the indigenous peoples of those lands. We is the largest arms dealer in the entire world, selling billions and billions worth of guns, ammo, war tanks, and more to countries known for killing their own people or suppressing neighboring countries (Saudi Arabia, Israel). We claim to want freedom and truth, but the country we currently reside in is playing a massive role in the chaos and destruction of the entire earth and everyone is too busy either believing the mainstream media’s blatant lies or just remaining ignorant because it’s too much to bare. We will never experience true freedom while our government reigns as one of the largest bullies in the world. We will never experience true freedom if our brothers and sisters overseas are constantly watching the skies for drones. This is not freedom and Metanoia will not sit around and watch  the world fall apart.

Metanoia is a band. A little ska/fusion genre of who knows what else and we can only do so much individually, but how I see it is, if you want the world to be better you have to do something. From planting your own gardens to become more self-sustainable, to feeding the homeless with Food Not Bombs, to reading books to kids at the library, to making a song about the wars going on in the middle east, to standing outside with a sign describing injustices being served by the police force. Anything you do is powerful and needed.

I hope no one ever feels like what they are is not enough, that what they can provide is not sufficient. If you are aware and you are trying, then you are enough, you are everything right in this world and we need you to inspire a massive movement of strength, courage, and power. Just by being the change, as Gandhi had said, you can inspire someone else to move. Do not stop trying. You are powerful.

Freedom is in the best interest of everyone on this planet and by freedom, I mean the freedom from these atrocities. The freedom from a ruler who can punish you, kidnap you, fine you, and torture you. Metanoia is here to spread awareness and to inspire an evolution of the mind, the Conscious Evolution and you who are reading this are a part of this movement if you want to be. All you have to do is start.

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