The Best Rock Musical Ever!” – Rolling StoneObsidian Theatre in association with Standing Room Only Productions is proud to bring the cult classic rock musical, HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, to Houston audiences June 7 - July 1. Obsidian/SRO takes pride in being a local powerhouse for intimate and engaging theater - and this production will be no different. As an homage to the gritty late-night theater it originated as, HEDWIG will have special midnight showings leading up to Houston Pride Festival.

Obsidian Theatre in association with Standing Room Only Productions is excited to bring the cult spectacular, SAUCY JACK AND THE SPACE VIXENS, to Houston audiences July 13th-August 5th. With a book and lyrics by Charlotte Mann and Michael Fidler, and music by Jonathan Croose and Robin Forrest, this unique musical was born at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1995 and has celebrated a mass cult following around the world ever since. MORE

In the inaugural performance of the new Beacon Theatre, Cone Man Running opened up with Smattering X, a one night only charity performance dedicated to helping teachers offset the cost of school supplies. Playing to a packed house in a double feature performance, the Smattering raised $3,000 for several different local schools to help ease the financial burden teachers are faced with. The audience laughed, the teachers were helped and the Beacon Theatre didn't suffer any structural collapses, it was a good night for all. MORE

Playhouse 1960 Turns the Bard Into Cliff Notes with The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged (The Ladies) One of the most common treatments of phobias is immersion therapy, where you are forced to face your darkest fears. If your greatest fear is Shakespeare, then The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged (The Ladies) presented by Playhouse 1960 will certainly get you over your phobia. The play every single one of Shakespeare's plays in the space of an hour and a half, in sketch format. It is bawdy, anarchistic and very much audience participation. The audience part is its greatest strength, and it's greatest weakness.

Director Sam Martinez reimagines and brings to life this classic that is rarely produced in modern times. It is Obsidian’s hope that we can remedy this and expose new audiences to this literary and theatrical gem. Martinez, along with the Assistant Director Elizabeth Grant, edited the show for length distilling and streamlining the story to its essence to present a sweeping epic that modern audiences will love.

Disgruntled Cast and Crew Raise Issues Over Award Winning Theatre

Recently Houston mayor Sylvester Turner honored Eado Playhouse for their production of A Few Good Men, and for the free performance of the play for our veterans. If another playhouse earned this honor it would have been lauded for its charity, unfortunately Eado Playhouse's directors have a long past of financial obligations left unmet. Immediately after Mayor Turner presented the acclamation to Colton Berry, Jane Volke and Luke Hamilton dozens of former actors, musicians, and crew united in protest regarding payment long overdue. MORE

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