H.G. Welch is a writer and contributor to Red Publication as well as a book publisher. He writes rule books for cos play games. He has also received some popularity with a card game he invented called CON. His repertoire ranges from musical theater review, to comprehensive historical accounts of old Houston. You may run into him at a local theater or the next comic convention.

Cherry Muffins: A Devilishly Good Time
The latest offering from Cone Man Running is the hysterical supernatural sex romp Cherry Muffins: A Demon Play. I will be up front, the play is just plain funny. It's laugh out loud funny, the performers are excellent in their roles and the direction doesn't lag for a second. The humor ranges from ribald, to absurd, to witty to just plain madcap. It has non sequitur dance scene there just because they are funny. The sexual tension is well played through out, and everybody, cast and audience, enjoys themselves.

By TUTS Underground Directed by Bruce Lumpkin and Marley Wisnoski
Bonnie and Clyde is a modern legend, a tale of forbidden love and violent passions not even a century old. While the actual story is of two mass murderers on a multi-state killing spree, we tend to only remember the romance between the two killers. Theater Under the Stars performance of Bonnie and Clyde capture the idealistic romantic side of the couple, even if historical details are sacrificed for the sake of the story.

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