Micah J is a writer and contributor to Red Publication as well as an activist. He co-hosts Free Thinker Radio a weekly music and news show on 90.1FM KPFT. You can listen in on Mondays, between 3P and 5P @ kpft.org. Micah is also owner of the boutique record label in Houston Texas called Visionary Noise. You can also see him in action, doing live interviews on the Red Pub You Tube Channel.
What Did the Black Angels Bring to Houston?

Psychedelic experimental music is therapeutic. Psychedelic music provides a means by which to alter our perceptions, and altering perceptions, is very close to and may lead to questioning presuppositions. The Black Angels create a sound that draws you in, takes you places you may not expect to go, and couples this with lyrics that question presuppositions about war, relationships, currency and other subjects.

Cl’Che’ Gifted Houston Rapper with a Purpose
I heard  Cl’Che’ live on a Television show. Her performance was strong, intelligent, and creative. When I got home I googled her music and listened to more than a few videos. What I found was some very good stuff. I shared the music with some friends including folks at Red Publication, they suggested I write an article. I was impressed by Cl’Che’ this was a good opportunity to learn more about the musician and share that with the world.

For The Community 14 Free Music and Art Festival

For The Community Festival was born out of a semi-revolutionary multi-cultural conglomeration of activists called the Houston Free Thinkers. Of course, many artists and musicians were in this group. Some great talent emerged and have released their work on the Visionary Noise label. However, Visionary Noise is more than just a record label. If you are a fan of live, independent music, here is your opportunity for an alternative introduction to the fun! Without skipping a beat Visionary Noise is able to host successful multi-genre shows!

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